Gem Cutting!

The CabKing is in! I set it up today and have already cut and polished these gems.

All except the red one. That one I cut in my lapidary class.


Amethyst Update

Today I went into the shop and I could just tell by the sound of my rotary tumbler that something had changed. So I opened it up to check the progress of my rocks and the grit had already broken down significantly! That is what happens sometimes with hard stone like Amethyst which is part of the Quartz family. So I washed out the slurry and charged it with new grit because most of the stones still needed some shaping. Though I will say when I washed the stones I was really pleased with the dark purple color that is being revealed. I will be checking the stone progress everyday now cause I don’t want the new grit to wear too much away. Pictures to come Sunday for sure if not sooner.


My new CabKing cabachone maker is on order! I got into cabbing through my rock club! We have a great teacher named Pete. I have been cutting for about a month and a half now and I am addicted. You would think it is hard to do but all it takes is a little patients to keep you from moving on to the next step to soon.

Today I got to use one of my friends machines and was able to finish a small cab in less then 30 mins. I will post a picture tomorrow. I can’t wait until it is delivered!

Amethyst Tumbling

I got this batch of Amethyst at a swap of a friends it is the tailings of some of his collecting. As you can see in the pictures it is rough. These are some of the larger pieces for better pictures. I started the tumbler with 80/90 grit on 8/25/12. I checked it today on 8/26/12. The slurry is forming well and the sharp edges are starting to round. Cant wait to see what they look like in 6 days.